• Taxes don't have to be painful

    With the right support an accountant can bring you great peace of mind.

    My Passion

    Your business is my business. It warms me to help a business owner or corporation by helping to keep your hard work in tact. 


    Yes, there are many programs you can use online, but how valuable is your time? It is not worth making a mistake when it comes to your taxes. It could be very costly if you've missed something.

  • Why choose me?

    So much more then numbers, it's a long term relationship. 

    Karen Aboujaoude

    "I love my job! It's a people job that involves numbers. Surprisingly things can get very personal when it comes to getting your taxes done right. I know that even the smartest people can let things slip and I want you to know that you don't have to be embarrassed or scared with me. I'm on your side. I'm your shield from the IRS. Put your business in my hands and I will be the clarity you need." 

    The whole journey

    Many people come to me not knowing where to even start. I am not the last stop, I am the first. From data records, book keeping, financial statements AND THEN tax reporting, you will not be on the journey alone. Come as you are, I will meet you wherever your at.

  • Are you late to file?

    There's still time to fix it. 

  • Not your average suit


    I have a heart for music and a mind for business. Numbers are sacred when you love them. There is a rhythm to life that I love to dance with. Being a tax accountant doesn't make me a stuffy shirt. I work with real people who run real businesses and I want to get to know you. When you trust me with your accounting, I can get the job done with great insight.


    Behind every business is a real person with real life. Our families are the reason we work so hard. I appreciate the goals you have for your life and your business and want to help you achieve them. 

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